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Monthly Message August

Oh my gosh, how exciting is the World Cup?  I don’t often watch football but – like millions of others – I have become caught up in the charisma of the competition, and cheered long and loud when our England football team beat Sweden 2-0 today to secure their place in the semi-final. 

 It may well all be over by the time you read this, but moments of glory and joy are precious, and I found myself revelling in our team’s success.

What a glorious summer we are having! Although one victim to the prolonged heatwave is the Vicarage lawn, which is very yellow and crunchy now; maybe yours is too?

Not wanting to waste water, we are concentrating on the veggies and flowers and hoping that the lawn will survive and come green again once we get some much needed rain.


I’m not complaining! How lovely it is to have such a wonderful summer- with endless sunshine and warmth, and how brilliant it is to see the cricket matches, family picnics, sunbathers, dog walkers, games of rounders, football, etc happening on our lovely village green.


God gave us a beautiful world to enjoy, and wants us to make the best of it and share its bountiful goodness around.  But in the midst of our enjoyment, we need to remember those who are struggling and do what we can to help.  Pirbright Church regularly gives produce to Woking Foodbank – there

is a basket just inside the door for you to drop in any goods you can to help others who are going through difficult times. 


There are also people in our village who live alone or are lonely.  Do you know your neighbours? Have you spoken to them lately?  A simple drop-in or invitation to coffee may just bring some of that glorious sunshine into someone else’s day.

Rev’d Chris 

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