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The PIRBRIGHT CHRISTMAS TRAIL - Friends of Pirbright School

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 The restrictions of Covid19 have had quite an impact on us and on our planned services, including the Remembering Loved Ones Service which is a special service for those wanting to remember their loved ones, and for whom Christmas can be a particularly difficult time. As you may know, during this service, the names of loved ones are read out and a candle is lit in memory of them.

 We are very aware of the sensitivities of grief and how these might not sit happily with the Covid safe restrictions in the church – seating capacity of only 23, masks to be worn and no singing is allowed.  In the light of this, we are also offering this service on Zoom for anyone who is not be able to attend the church service. If you are unable to attend, you can send the names of loved ones to be read out and for a candle to be lit in their name.

 You can help us in advance by letting us know whether you are planning to come to the church or whether you would rather access the service via Zoom, in which case, the joining instructions for the latter will sent to you once we know your intentions. In all the options, we need to know the names of your loved ones to be rememberedPlease contact Catherine on 481234/07947 032210 or catherinecobley@aol.com with your thoughts as soon as you can.

BIBLE STUDY GROUP – Bible Reading Notes

Our 6-week Bible study ended on Wednesday. If anyone is looking for Bible Study Notes or daily devotionals such as New Daylight or the Word for Today, please let either Catherine Cobley or Rev Bev know and we will try to help.  Contact details below


To request prayer, speak with one of us, or for anything else, please contact us as follows:  Catherine Cobley (481234/ 07947 032210) and Jackie MacKenzie (476441) who are always on the other end of a phone for a chat or a request.  Rev’d Gary Williamson (236909) and Rev Bev Hunt, (07495 395225) are available to answer your questions, and pray with or for you.

During the first lockdown, a small hole appeared towards the bottom of the East Window behind the altar.  How it happened is a mystery!  Its specialist repair requires a faculty application and details of this are now on the church website – pirbrightchurch.org.uk – just in case you might wish to object between now and 13 December.  You can also fire questions at Catherine Cobley on 07947 032210

Small picture of altar window


THE FOODBANK COLLECTION POINT has been relocated to Catherine’s house, just inside the gate at Linnards on the Little Green. Foodbank clients need your practical items, such as washing up liquid, toothpaste, cereal, ketchup, long life milk, tinned rice pudding and custard, tined vegetables, sponge puds, noodles, pasta and loo rolls. However, all donations are very welcome. Please give Catherine a ring if you need anything collected. Thank you.


The beech was felled

Adam Holt and his team have now completed the felling of the beech tree and will continue to clear up the site in the coming week. It was quite a technical feat in the sensitive confines of the churchyard and we congratulate them! 
We also thank them for their thoughtfulness in cutting up as much as possible for locals to benefit from the wood. The Operation Churchyard team will help to restore the area in the weeks ahead and thought will be given by the PCC to re-planting.  We are very grateful for donations already received as suggested last week.  We do now have a link to an online giving page called ‘Givealittle’ which can be found by scrolling down the front page of the St Michael's website to click here to make a direct donation. It is simple to use and has an option to gift aid your donation. In case of any problem, or if you prefer to make a donation by cheque, please contact Andrew at amqking@aol.com.