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“God is the God of surprises who, in the darkness and tears of things, breaks down our false images and securities. This in-breaking can feel to us like disintegration, but it is the disintegration of the ear of the wheat: if it does not die to bring new life,

it shrivels away on its own”, says Gerald Hughes in his book: ‘The God of Surprises’.  


As the lockdown eases still further and we can return to worship in our church building, I have been reflecting on what we can learn from being in lockdown about this ‘new life’, which we often refer to as our ‘new normal’, and what we can do to help us to make the transition to this ‘new normal’. I believe that the answer to such questions lies buried within us, like a treasure buried in a field, and we may have to dig deeply to find the answers.


Coming out of lockdown reminds me of the when I returned to the external world after experiencing a spiritual retreat. How strange and noisy the world seemed then! And how very different it seemed from the last time I was out in it. My spiritual advisers have often told me to gently ease myself back into the world and family life. 


In recent months, many of us will have experienced anxiety and fear due to the daily rise in cases of Covid-19 and the rising death toll worldwide. In all of this, some of us are ready to return to worship in the church building, whereas others, with or without underlying health issues, will want to continue to worship via Zoom. So how should we ease ourselves back into the ‘new normal’ world of worship?


We are planning to have both in-church and Zoom acts of worship. The details are yet to be worked out, but I am confident that we will find ‘creative ways of exploring our experiences in the light of the risen Christ’ to help us to uncover the treasure that lies within us as we embark on the journey to recovery’ (June 3rd Covid-19 Briefing).   . 


We are planning to start with a Service of Lament via Zoom on the 19th and 26th July. In a lament, we place our distress before God in the sure hope that God will act. The Bible contains many prayers of lament. For example, in a Psalm of lament, e.g. psalm 42, the psalmist puts the complaint to God, expresses trust in God, and maintains hope that God will act. We will therefore incorporate scripture, prayer and worship through music as we explore God’s way for us. We will also have ample time over coffee to discuss our feelings so that together we can live out this assurance that God will guide us.  


When things fall apart and we have lived through the resulting pain and the tears, we can rely on prayer as a door of hope and be assured that God will restore us.

Warmest wishes.  ReBev

Goslings on the Green


Churches can reopen now for public worship, weddings, funerals and baptisms. Numbers attending will be limited depending on the number of people that can be safely accommodated in the church building whilst observing the appropriate social distancing rule (except those from the same household). To this end, the PCC are preparing for our return by ensuring that the necessary risk assessments, hand sanitisers, other safety items, e.g. for cleaning after each service are in place before we can return. We are awaiting further National Church guidance on some questions, but will be able to say more about the date of our re-opening after the PCC meets on July 14th. Thanks for your patience.
Rev Bev, Catherine and Pauline


Over the weeks of lockdown, we have been welcoming 30 worshippers each week including one who hasn’t been able to get to church for a considerable time!  Although it takes a little getting used to, there is no doubt that it is a special personal experience as we’re able to see each other’s faces as we worship. 

We haven’t quite perfected the art but do join us and give it a try.  As usual you will be guided about the details in a separate email and you can join in online or via an ordinary phone-call.  Alternatively, you can just download the order of service and follow it in your own way. However we share, it will still be worshipping together. We will know who is joining us on Zoom but we would love to know if you are following quietly at home or if you’re wanting to but don’t have a printer – please contact Catherine or Pauline!

As required by Rule 6.1 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015, there has to be a 28 day period when details of the proposals agreed by the PCC and the local Diocesan Advisory Committee are

available to be viewed and comments can be made to the Diocesan Registrar. This will run from 13 June to 13 July and the plans and papers can be viewed at www.pirbrightchurch.org.uk.   Any queries to Catherine on 481234 / 07947 032210.  


The response to the idea of community support for our most vulnerable neighbours during this lockdown has been amazing, thank you. If you would welcome a little support, or just a little human contact, there are people willing to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact PeriAid:
Lindsay Graham      476432 -  
Julia Douetil,             476215 -  
Steve Fidgett,           07785978817-
Helen Myers,           
For more details:     
www.parish-council.com/pirbright/  or www.pirbrightchurch.org.uk/aboutus.htm


The Centre for Psychology is continuing to offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for anyone registered with a Surrey GP surgery and over 18 years old. CBT looks to provide practical tools and techniques to help people deal with common mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, stress, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and more. Currently the therapy appointments are held over the telephone and are completely free.  

Anyone can make a self-referral  to the service via the contact details below:

Guildford & Waverley          01483 570765  guildford@centreforpsychology.co.uk

Surrey Heath                        01276 423020 camberley@centreforpsychology.co.uk

East Surrey                           01737 306020 eastsurrey@centreforpsychology.co.uk

Surrey Downs                      01372 610650 surrey@centreforpsychology.co.uk  
North West Surrey               01932 506510 nwsurrey@centreforpsychology.co.uk