Selection of fabrics for masks 

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                      Cup style masks (shown with

                      Ribbon and elastic fastenings)               Letterbox style mask

                       Green mask         Purple mask

We are all having to get used to the idea of wearing facemasks in indoor public places, to help keep ourselves and others safe during the corona virus crisis.  But the sheer number of masks needed is creating two new problems - diverting resources away from front line services who need them, and generating mountains of plastic waste from disposable masks being used and thrown away.

So we are making and selling washable, reusable cotton face masks, in a wide range of attractive colours and prints. You can wear them with confidence, drop them in your ordinary wash and have a clean one to wear next day.  They are reversible in two fabrics so you can match with your outfit and, in a busy household, you will always know which masks are yours! 

We are offering two designs, a letterbox design for a suggested donation of £3, or a Cup style with a suggested donation of £5.  All proceeds will go to St Michael and All Angel’s Church.

To make things as easy as possible, there is a selection of coloured fabric below, with a corresponding number next to it.  There is also an order form. 

1.      Simply choose your 1 or 2 colours of fabric

2.      Which style you prefer, (letterbox or cup style)

3.      How many you require

4.      Whether you would like ribbon ties or elastic

5.      Fill in contact details then email to the Social and Fundraising team

6.      Then sit back and wait for your chosen mask to be lovingly made and delivered to you.  Payment on delivery.


If you have trouble filling in the order form, just sent your request to the above email.  Or call 07777659138 if you have any questions   

Click here to download the order form