Pirbright Gospel Choir - Wednesday evenings


Catherine and Pauline are delighted to tell you that Bishop Andrew has announced the appointment of Rev'd Beverley Hunt as our Interim Priest (0.5 FTE).  The licence period is for 12 months and Beverley will commence in this role on 1st May 2020.  During the year ahead, her remit is to provide leadership and care for St Michael’s, to get us started on our aspirations for the future and to actively explore the possibility of a closer working relationship with St Mark’s.


Messy Church: Pauline is planning some special activities for our Messy Church family and she will be in touch with you directly very soon!

Erection of cross at White Hart Corner for Holy Week and Easter: During this time of unprecedented peril and worry, we felt that it was important to bring this powerful symbol of hope and strength into a prominent position in the centre of the village.  With the permission of Pirbright Parish Council, the skills of Hugh Dennis in its construction and the creative imagination of Liz Earl, one of our talented flower arrangers, this will be erected on Holy Monday, first as a stark reminder of the cross which begins to loom after the hosannas of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem and then to reflect the events of Holy Week.  Attached to this are the bible readings for each day of Holy Week together with a prayer and reflective responses for your use at home.

 PeriAid and Covid-19: St Michael’s is once again joining with Pirbright Parish Council but this time in a joint mission of mercy.  We know that our community will again show its strength and caring for each and every member of our village.  If you would like to join the list of volunteers please contact Catherine (07947 032210).  Your help will be very much appreciated!


The Foodbank collection point has been relocated from the church to Catherine’s house, just inside the gate at Linnards on the Little Green.  Our help is going to be even more needed!  Particular needs at the moment are washing up liquid, toothpaste, cereal, ketchup, mayonnaise, long life milk, tinned rice pudding and custard, sponge puds, noodles, pasta and loo rolls.

If you want to chat or pray, or if you need anything Catherine (481234/ 07947 032210) and Pauline (07745 121958) are always on the other end of a phone for a chat or a request and Rev’d Gary Williamson is available (236909) if you would like to talk or for him to pray with/for you.

Sadly the church building is closed until the Covid-19 outbreak is over but please get in touch - see our home page for updates