Fra Angelico Annunciation

 Operation Churchyard – a huge thank you to everyone who helped yesterday with tidying the churchyard


Into the FutureJust to keep everyone informed about the recent decision made by the PCC.

  Following the first decision in April that the parish could not afford to employ a full-time priest and that we should explore possible alternatives including sharing a priest with a neighbouring parish, discussions were held with Archdeacon Paul.


These have prompted us to consider sharing a full-time priest with Wyke, Normandy who are currently reviewing the affordability of their full time priest.   Their PCC has concluded that this is ‘worthy of further consideration’.  After a full debate, our PCC decided unanimously that we are openminded to exploring this as a possible and potentially exciting option but with some questions and reservations needing to be investigated and no commitment made.  


Alongside this we will be inviting the Diocesan Mission Adviser to help us to develop our priorities and vision as part of the decision process and we will continue to work with Archdeacon Paul.  We would need to be doing this whatever the outcome. 


Please feel free to talk to Catherine, Pauline and PCC members about any aspect of this and keep the PCC regularly in your prayers.  We will keep you fully posted.