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Pirbright Gospel Choir is looking for a Musical Director to lead and develop an established gospel choir of around 30 members.  The choir was formed in 2012 as an outreach project for St. Michael's and All Angels Church, but it welcomes singers of all faiths and none.  We have grown both in membership and in confidence, with many successful public performances over the years. 


Pirbright Gospel Choir grew out of the idea that singing is good for everyone, and singing with others is especially good for us, but that many people who would like to be able to sing did not feel able to.  The premise of the choir was that people would be able to enjoy singing together irrespective of their previous experience, musical training or ability to read music.  So the choir is quite sociable and informal, with a range of musical ability.  We learn a lot of our music by ear, though almost all are able to read music to some extent and can support those who do not.  We enjoy a wide range of music, including spirituals and hymns, but also popular and folk songs, traditional songs, old time and modern classics.  A list of some of the songs in our repertoire is attached.  Most importantly, we are enthusiastic and fun loving, our choir nights are full of laughter and as well as music, but we do want to aim high and are constantly trying to improve. 

We have four or five regular performance opportunities each year, including special church services, the annual village fair, a small local music festival and shared concerts with other local choirs.  In February this year we achieved out first full solo concert which filled the church and was a great success.


Most of all we are looking for someone who can bring out the best in this enthusiastic and friendly community choir, someone who can inspire us to new achievements, someone with the patience to develop untrained singers and someone with a sense of fun to help us keep trying.  

The role of the Director includes

·         Being responsible for the overall ethos and performance standard of the choir.

·         Making decisions about the style of music and songs for the choir.

·         Developing a performance and rehearsal calendar of events for the year.

·         Developing our technique, understanding, application and appreciation of music.

·         Directing rehearsals and performances supported by the Choir Leaders.

·         Advising and liaise with committee members.

·         Ensuring that the members enjoy themselves.


There is a committee who support the Director by taking on administrative roles, social organisation and occasionally leading sessions.  Whilst we cannot pay professional fees, we are willing to pay reasonable expenses.


·         An opportunity to shape and develop a community choir to your vision

·         A committed and enthusiastic group of people who want to sing and enjoy singing

·         A group who are prepared to take on a challenge, and have a tendency to rise to the occasion

·         A sociable, friendly and supportive context for developing your skills as a choir leader

·         Administrative support to enable you to focus on music

·         Established opportunities to perform

·         A lot of laughter, any excuse to celebrate, a bottomless chocolate box and home-made cake.


·         A regular commitment to our choir

·         A depth of musical knowledge and expertise to be able to conduct, teach and direct us in a range of musical styles and songs

·         Inspiration and leadership to enable us to grow with you

·         Support, encouragement and occasionally patience, to get the best out of the less confident singers


The choir meets on Wednesday evenings during term time, from 8-9:30 pm in the Pirbright Village Primary School music suite.   Members currently pay a small weekly subscription which covers the costs of room hire, music etc.  We do not currently have an accompanist, but are keen to find one.

If you like the sound of Pirbright Gospel choir and would like to find out more, please contact Faith Gordon at or go to



This is just a few of the songs we have been singing recently

Amazing Grace                  words by John Newton, arr. Otis Skillings

Amazing Grace                  arr. in the style of Soweto Gospel Choir by Cathy McEvoy

Amazing Grace                  music by Sam Cooke

Bring Me Little Water, Silvy  Lead Belly, arr. Moira Smiley

Come And Go With Me        Trad. Words, melody & arr. Ken Burton

Down in the River to Pray    Trad. American

Fie, Nay Prithee                 John Blow? arr. Lin Marsh

Goodnight Sweetheart         Calvin Carter, James Hudson, arr. Robert Sund

Hallelujah                          Leonard Cohen, arr. Jetse Bremer

King Kong’s Kangaroo         Alison Burns

Now Behold the Lamb         Kirk Franklin

Mary Did You Know            Lowry/ Greene arr. Schrader

Operator                           William Spivery, arr. Kirby Shaw

Over My Head                    Pamela Warrick Smith

Siyahamba                        South African Freedom Song

Steal Away                       Trad. Spiritual, arr. Mark De-Lisser

Total Praise                       Richard Smallwood

Walking on Sunshine           Kimberley Rew arr Gitika Partington