Covid update

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At St Michael and All Angel’s Church, we are enjoying welcoming the community to church for those special occasional service such as baptisms and weddings, and singing again, and having the church opened on Wednesday mornings for private prayer. 

We are looking forward to sharing the cup at the Eucharist, and opening the church every day, in future.


We welcome the further easing of all Covid-19 restrictions on the July 19th. However, we also know from various sources that while the vaccines reduce the impact of Covid-19 and reduce the number of deaths, they do not prevent vaccinated individuals from catching the virus or transmitting it to others.  It is with this in mind that the PCC has provided additional measures to be taken for the safety of our congregation, community and anyone entering the building. 


The church is open for private prayer on Wednesday mornings from 10am – 12pm; and there are stewards on hand to answer any queries and provide pastoral support as necessary. The said monthly communion service is on the second Wednesday of each month at 10.15am.


Sunday services at 10am are a hybrid mix that can be accessed both by coming into the building and via zoom. Please do go to the website for further information regarding the weekly order of service.

  • Singing is allowed during services, but we continue to advise the wearing of face masks/face-covering in church, unless exempted for medical reasons.
  • In addition, the hand sanitising stations will remain as will social distancing of at least a metre between family groups or individuals. Family groups, or those who live together, will continue to sit together without social distancing.
  • We are still asking everyone who signs up for a service for their contact details, but equally so, these can be provided on arrival to the Welcomer or Church Warden.
  • Our current risk assessment shows that it is safer to restrict the number of people at life event services to 50 people. There may be room for a slight increase depending on the risks and seating of family groupings.
  • Everyone who comes to church is encouraged to use the QR Code located in the porch to the right of the main door. Please let us know if you develop Covid-19 symptoms within 7 days of coming to church, by using either the App if you scanned the QR code, or by contacting one of the Churchwardens (see above for telephone numbers)
  • An important part of our commitment to keeping you safe is having the pews, door handles and light switches and other areas in the building cleaned each week, as well as between services, as appropriate.

We give thanks to God for bringing us through these challenging 18 months. We will continue to hold before God, our whole community, particularly the vulnerable who may be at a high risk.  We also pray for inspiration in moving forward from what has been a very uncertain year to a year filled with the joy of knowing Jesus.  


The guidelines, advice and recommendations provided by the Government and the Church of England will be continually monitored.

Warmest wishes, Rev Bev Hunt