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Thy Kingdom Come

Welcome to everyone - to mission and ministry together

Worshipping together in these challenging times - the church doors are closed but we continue to have services at 10am every Sunday - please join us, whether you are new or a regular worshipper. For the next 10 days we also have daily morning prayers:

Thursday May 21st to Sat May 30th 

09:30-10:30 Daily Morning Prayer - click here for introduction and details

May 24th - Seventh Sunday of Easter

10.00am: Home Service (via Zoom or phone) - click here for the service booklet
(details for Zoom services available on the previous day - click here if you would like details

St Michaels and all angels in March 2020

Supporting each other through the crisis:

The church building is closed but the church community is open and we welcome you to mission and ministry together!

PeriAid - how to keep our community safe, how to volunteer and Fulks' food boxes

If anyone has any contributions for the church website – announcements, news, event details or photographs, please send them to website@pirbrightchurch.org.uk

Heart of the Community


Welcoming, friendly, inclusive and caring. Many people say what a welcoming, friendly church St.Michael & All Angels in Pirbright is - we hope very much that is your experience too.

We aim to show how the teaching of the Bible and the life of Jesus is relevant in the everyday life and experience of people now; and the joy of discovering and remembering that God loves and cares for all of us.

Whether you have been a Christian for a long time or are just interested in finding out more about Jesus, you are very welcome.

You will find details of our worship services under: Services

Information re. weddings, baptisms and funerals under: Christening/Wedding/Funeral

Information regarding the many social activities and events under: Events

Do contact us if you wish to; as part of the Church of England, we are very much committed to living up to Jesus’ example to serve the whole of the community.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Yours in Christ, the Pirbright team


From The Registers

Prayer Request

A special form is now available on this website for anyone who would like prayers to be said in Church for someone who is ill or suffering. Link coming soon...

The same form may be used to contact the Churchwardens if you are unwell and unable to come to Church to receive Communion, or if you know someone who would like to receive Communion at home. Alternatively, of course, please use the prayer request cards available in the church.