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On Sunday 9th August we will be having our first service in church since March.  Because of the 2 metre 'social distance' rule we can only fit 20 or so people into church.  There will be no singing and the communion will be bread only, but we will have lovely music on the organ from James West and we will be worshipping and taking communion together! 

We are hoping to run Zoom from the church so everyone at home can join the service too.  We will provide service booklets in church and send them to everyone as usual.

The 9th and 16th August are Communion services with Rev Bev, zoomed from the church, and the 23rd and 30th August will be Zoom services with Rev'd Gary, with everyone at home while Rev Bev takes a well-earned rest. 

Please let the Churchwardens or PCC Secretary know if you wish to attend St Michaels at 10am on 9th and / or 16th August.  It is unlikely that everyone will be able to attend both services but we will not know until you have all communicated what you prefer to do.

August 9th - 9th Sunday after Trinity

10.00am: Rev Bev's Service (in church and via Zoom or phone) - will be available here

(details for getting in to Zoom services are available on the previous day - click here if you would like details

The Weekly Bulletin will be here soon 

and Children's Sheet and Colouring Sheet 

St Michaels and all angels in March 2020

Supporting each other through the crisis:

Click here for help with mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, stress etc

PeriAid - how to keep our community safe, how to volunteer and Fulks' food boxes

THE FOODBANK COLLECTION POINT has been relocated to just inside the gate at Linnards on the Little Green. Donations, including washing up liquid, toothpaste, cereal, ketchup, mayonnaise, long life milk, tinned rice pudding and custard, tinned vegetables, sponge puds, noodles, pasta and loo rolls are very welcome. Thank you- their donations are down at at time when the need is very high.  Please give Catherine a ring if you need anything collected.

We have had no collections in church while the building is closed.  

If you would like to give a donation to the church please click here to email us

If you are able to make a regular donation click here to find out how

If anyone has any contributions for the church website – announcements, news, event details or photographs, please email to this address

Heart of the Community


Welcoming, friendly, inclusive and caring. Many people say what a welcoming, friendly church St.Michael & All Angels in Pirbright is - we hope very much that is your experience too.

We aim to show how the teaching of the Bible and the life of Jesus is relevant in the everyday life and experience of people now; and the joy of discovering and remembering that God loves and cares for all of us.

Whether you have been a Christian for a long time or are just interested in finding out more about Jesus, you are very welcome.

You will find details of our worship services under: Services

Information re. weddings, baptisms and funerals under: Christening/Wedding/Funeral

Information regarding the many social activities and events under: Events

Do contact us if you wish to; as part of the Church of England, we are very much committed to living up to Jesus’ example to serve the whole of the community.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Yours in Christ, the Pirbright team


From The Registers

Prayer Request

A special form is now available on this website for anyone who would like prayers to be said in Church for someone who is ill or suffering. Link coming soon...

The same form may be used to contact the Priest in Charge or the Churchwardens if you are unwell and unable to come to Church to receive Communion, or if you know someone who would like to receive Communion at home. Alternatively, of course, please use the prayer request cards available in the church.