Just a thought..

Lady Chapel window

A difficult week – our darling dog Domino has died.

For those who aren’t dog lovers or pet owners, that might not seem very significant; perhaps particularly as we have recently had two funerals in the parish of dearly loved human residents.

But, loss is loss, and always difficult to bear, especially when you have been very close and shared so much together; both human and animal.

Sally and Paddy are very much in our prayers as they begin to come to terms with their tremendous loss.

For us, we adored our dog. Domino was a free spirit; full of life and engaging with every opportunity to explore its potential. She has been a part of our lives and our family for many years, and the empty space she leaves is hard to bear at the moment. (I really need to vacuum downstairs, but can’t bring myself to do it yet, because I will be vacuuming up her fur for the last time!)

A difficult week – I have just announced my early retirement through ill health, and Brett and I will be leaving Pirbright this summer.

Sooner than we thought of course; my bout of pneumonia and hospitalisation last winter has left me with much reduced capacity to fulfil my role as your parish priest, so I have had to come to the realisation that it is time for me to step aside.

Your churchwardens will do all they can to make sure that the transition is smooth. None of us are indispensable and I have no doubt that a new priest will come to Pirbright with much enthusiasm and energy to continue the all important work of the church in this parish.

Do please remember Brett and I in your prayers.

I will – of course – do my best to continue to serve the Church and everyone in Pirbright to the best of my ability in the weeks ahead.

Rev’d Chris

Church in snow