Promises, promises…

So here we are then, 2024.

Christmas is a fading memory, most of us are back at work, the children are looking forward to a new school term and the nations of the world resume their friendly, open relations with each other (dream on). And no doubt many of us have promised to start exercising, lose weight, not spend so much money as last year, give more to charity, be better people, do more to help our community, and so on.

Use the box below to write down some of your own promises: Or just leave it empty; then it will just be a box empty of promises (or maybe full of empty promises…).

Politicians are really, really good at making all sorts of promises, and this year we’ll probably hear an awful lot of them, with a general election looming. But a few weeks, months or years down the line people will start to ask, well you promised this, or that, or whatever. Surely you didn’t say that just to get elected???

As we celebrated Christmas, just a week or so ago, we heard all about the promise that Jesus’ birth would bring to the world, a world then ravaged by wars, hunger, poverty, disease…

So what’s new? The nations of the world are still bickering and fighting, people in some places are still hungry, many are still poor, and far, far too many of our families and friends suffer ill health.

Cynics might say that God’s promise at Christmas is just another empty one. But many, many people are working very hard to put right all the wrongs, to stop wars and make peace, to find cures for deadly diseases. For many of them, they are simply fulfilling the promise that Jesus brought to us all.

I promise you that God’s promise can come true. All we have to do is work a little harder to make it so. And believe it.

On behalf of the whole team at St Michael’s, I wish you all a very Happy New Year. It’s going to be a year as full of promise as you want it to be!

Revd Gary Williamson



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