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Just a thought...

Wow, what a summer we’ve had!

So many long, hot, sunny days – even during the school holidays, which is pretty rare in this country. (I’m writing this at the beginning of August, so I just have to hope that August continued with the same amazing weather we had in July). September brings many of our younger people back to reality with a bit of a jolt – classes begin again this month. Most will be going up a year; new class, new teacher, new school, 1st year at college, 1st year at university, final year – (exams, dissertations etc.) Exciting times, but also perhaps a little scary, as new beginnings sometimes can be.

Jesus was an expert at new beginnings; he told people new ways to get to know God, new ways to treat other people, new ways to pray, new ways to interpret scripture, new ways of understanding God, other people and the world around us. Exciting, but a little scary too – both then and now.

Concentrate on the exciting, it will help you through the wobbly moments; this coming year you will discover so many new things that you didn’t know before. As for God? Psalm 111 tells us: “ Respect and honour the Lord, this is the beginning of wisdom and good sense”. Seek wisdom, practise good sense, remember God and the help he can give you.

As the long hot days of summer begin to dwindle, every blessing in whatever new stage of education, situation or endeavour you are beginning.

Rev’d Chris

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