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Thy will be done – written by W.Hart of Pirbright, during the Great War

Good bye to dear old Pirbright, and all I hold so dear.
I love that dear old village, with all its happy cheer.
The boys upon the village green, to watch them all at play:
It’s hard to leave it all so soon, but ‘God’s will must be done’.

Many happy days I spent in that dear neighbourhood,
And many dear old pals I’ve met who I shall not meet again.
It’s hard to leave, again I say, but pray with me, so I say
In gladness, Lord, I come to you – ‘Thy will be done’.

Goodbye dear old Camp, with its jolly Guardsmen too,
Happy days I’ve had with them, and drives – ah just a few!
Also their lords and ladies, yes, just some of the best,
So many have been called to rest – ‘The Lord’s will be done’.

Goodbye, dear wife and family – ah this is harder still.
Dearest mother, sisters, brothers, who have been so kind to me.
Must not forget dear old Alf, who always has been true.
I know they have prayed for ‘The Lord’s will to be done’.

I don’t believe that it was ever God’s intention that ‘His will’ would require the pain, suffering and sacrifice of so many beautiful young people with so much potential for good. What a huge tragedy and blot on humankind war is.

Will we ever learn? I pray that we will, and that the peace Jesus came to bring will one day be realised.

Do come and join us on 11th November at 10.50am, to remember and honour all those young lives, and pray for peace.
Rev’d Chris

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