St Michaels and All Angels, Pirbright  Environment  Climate Sunday Logorepairing the natural environment

At St Michael’s in Pirbright we are committed to joining a network of churches under the guidance of A Rocha UK, the Christian environmental charity, and Guildford Diocese in caring for God’s creation. Revd Bev Hunt has set up a team to oversee a wide-ranging audit to assess how well we are addressing environmental issues through our lifestyle choices, communal worship and prayer, ethical investing, buildings and land management, and community engagement

fighting climate change is up to every one of us

Climate change is the defining crisis of our age. The approaching UN Climate Change conference (COP26) in Glasgow brings home – literally – the global nature of the threat that human activity is posing to God’s Earth. All levels of UK Government – borough, county and national - have strategies in place for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, or sooner in some cases, which will profoundly affect the lives of all of us 

towards a greener, cleaner, world fit for future generations

The Church and its members have an important role to play in leading by example and by engaging with the wider public. 

We have a special service on Sunday 22nd May 2022 where there will be a talk from Alison Moulden, the Diocesan advisor on the Environment - everyone is welcome!