St Mark's, Wyke and St Michael & All Angels Pirbright - into the Future

St Mark's Church, Wyke St Michael and All Angels Church, Pirbright

In June and July, small groups in Pirbright and Normandy worked to put together a Parish Profile, a detailed document to attract applicants for the job as our new shared priest. The Parish Profile sets out what a priest would find if they came to Pirbright and Normandy, and describes our villages and social communities, as well as our churches and worship communities. It describes the many different things our church does in the community like Angel Tots, the Open Garden Walks, Summer Fair, and Christmas Carols in the Churchyard. Most importantly, the Parish Profile sets out a joint vision for our ministries and what kind of priest we would like to guide us. It speaks honestly about the opportunities and challenges that working with Pirbright and Wyke could bring. You can download the full Parish Profile by clicking here.

The search for our new priest is progressing but we know it will take time to find the right person and, in the meantime, St Michael’s is grateful to a very dedicated group of priests who are supporting our worship week by week. Your church is very definitely ’Open for Business’ and we would love to see you!

Recent APCM reports, which also contain the Accounts, will also be available soon,