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We are pleased to be able to tell you of our initiative to bring our faith more into the heart of the community at Lord Pirbright Hall GU24 0JE

Next Church on the Green will be on Sunday 26th May at 10am. We will begin at 10am with tea, coffee and croissants followed by the service which will run from 10.30am until 11.30am approximately. The format will be relaxed with sung worship playing a big part. Activities for children will take place in the small hall. Welcome will also play a significant role in the time together, and we hope that we reach out to those in our communities with love and grace.

Do you have A WORKING LAPTOP that you would be willing to donate to the office for our Children & Families Worker to use? Please contact either Tina or Heidi on the email overleaf, thank you.

PLEASE NOTE:  The mid-month communion service at St Michael's will be this Tuesday, 14th May rather than 21st May.

PRAYER MEETINGS: A joint Prayer Meeting on the third Sunday of the month at each church alternately. Next meeting will be SUNDAY 16th JUNE AT ST. MARK'S. Please join us at 6.30pm for an hour – hand-out cards are available in church with the dates and venue, please take one.

ST MICHAEL’S NEW ORGANIST, DAMIAN will be playing in ‘Summer Music on the Hilltop at St. Martha’s (Park at St Martha’s Hill Halfpenny Lane car park (GU4 8PZ), then walk up the hill (15min) to St. Martha's Church (GU4 8NN)) on Monday 27th May at 1.00pm.