Army news

Remembrance service

Parishioners will remember the troop of army recruits and training staff from the ATR who attended our Remembrance Service this year which brought home to them in a very real way the sacrifice made by local soldiers in the two World Wars.  They were made to feel really welcome and enjoyed the delicious Remembrance cake made by Helen Whitworth and chatting afterwards. In return, we were invited to attend their Passing Off parade on a very wet day in December and were represented by Pam and Chris Talbot, Michael Cannon and Catherine Cobley. Despite the rain, the marching to the stirring music of the band of the Royal Logistical Corps was excellent after little practice and it was a very moving occasion with a stand full to bursting with proud friends and relations cheering them on.

Soldiers  after the Remembrance service

Soldiers enjoying the poppy cake

Passing out parade