Parish Giving Scheme

It may surprise you to know that most of St Michael’s Church’s income comes, not from church collections or fund-raising events, but from the private bank accounts of the many churchgoers and others who give regularly through the Parish Giving Scheme.

The Parish Giving Scheme provides a professional, secure, and highly effective way of supporting your church in Pirbright. The Scheme:

§  collects your donations by Direct Debit

§  claims any Gift Aid due

§  passes your gift to St Michael’s with Gift Aid added

§  holds your personal data centrally (i.e. your data are NOT held by the parish)

§  provides options to:

·       gift-aid your donations

·       give monthly, quarterly or annually

·       remain anonymous if you wish

·       increase your donations automatically in line with inflation

There are three ways to register with the Parish Giving Scheme to become a regular donor to St Michael’s:

For further information about the Scheme please contact Andrew King, the PGS representative for Pirbright, at this email address or by telephone at 01483 474913.