Woking Foodbank

Any contributions you can give to support those needing help from foodbanks in our area are much appreciated.  Their donations have gone down 50% in the current Coronavirus outbreak.  

The main needs at the moment are tins of fruit and vegetables, tins of meat, soup, washing up liquid, washing powder, 

The box is currently just inside the front gate of Linnards on the small green - please give generously. Thank you so much.

It is difficult to believe that there can be anyone who can't afford food essentials in this apparently affluent part of the country but that is far from the truth...Woking Foodbank is meeting a very real need and those needs are both specific from week to week and change according to clients' requests. If you could add just a few extras to your shopping list each time that would be a great help.

And is there anyone who could help by joining a rota to take the box to Goldsworth Park or Woking?
Please speak to Catherine Cobley.